Welcome to Mulgari

Engineering perfection for those who crave an unrivalled driving experience. Our project cars are more than idle ventures we create for the fun of it. Each project represents everything we stand for. And in building them we create icons.

Our engineers can do it all. From our signature detailed cleaning service to prestige body repainting and alloy refurbishment. We will also fit your specified performance parts for you and undertake specialist car protection detailing.

Soul Drivers

Not all drivers are born equally. When you sit at the wheel, there is a place where the car ends and you begin. Some experience their drive through the grip of the steering wheel, or through the soles of their feet. Others are defined by the sound of the engine as it rumbles through them, or the sight of a perfect line or wing.

And then there are the rest. Whose human soul connects with the mechanical one. When the two connect a new driver is born.

These are soul drivers.

Engineered For Perfection

It all began in 2011 with founder, Benjamin  Sunners. What began as a desire to build cars became something more. Mulgari was born to house perfection, to engineer cars for soul drivers – drivers who share the physical and emotion bond with the driving experience.

To ensure the standards of quality we demand, we have spent the last few years bringing more and more services in-house. Now we control everything from design to testing, build to paint and detailing. And that’s the way it will always remain.

Evolution Never Sleeps

Our commitment to perfection pushes us further and further. As our ICON range continues to grow, we plan to launch ICON04 & 05, meeting the needs of soul drivers no matter what they drive. As we grow, we will take on bigger and bolder projects and continue to push the boundaries of the possible.

So watch this space to see how far we go. And watch out for fellow soul drivers as more of our ICONs make their way onto the road.

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