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Mulgari Automotive acquired by the Rocketman investment group

For over 8 years Mulgari Automotive had a niche in the performance space, developing and supplying OEM’s, private clients. Our ethos has only ever been to deliver the very best in automotive performance, paintwork and vehicle development. In late 2018 we attracted the eye of the Rocketman group and, as of January 2019, Mulgari Automotive assets were acquired by Rocketman and rebranded as Mulgari Cars.

Investment from the Rocketman Group allows Mulgari to develop and move forward with the successful ICON program and Mulgari+ ranges. The future is exciting, and we are looking forward to delivering on our 8-year history and future projects under the new and experienced management of Rocketman. For further details and n Rocketman group, Mulgari Cars or our ICON projects please contact 

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