2018 Mini F56 JCW - Gtechniq New Car Protection Detail


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March sees the launch of the new registrations 18. The launch of the new plate sees a spike in the Gtechniq new car protection details and what better time do it. Protecting the vehicles paintwork before fallout and contaminants have had change to sink into the fresh paint means better longer lasting results.

Straight from the dealer this 2018 Mini JCW came in for the full Gtechniq protection package.
- Paintwork coated with Crystal Serum and EXOv3
- Wheels removed and protected with Gtechniq Crystal Serum and EXOv3, inside and out.
- Exterior glass coated in Gtechniq G1
- Interior carpet areas sealed with Gtechniq I1

Early and advance protection can save expense and intense work at a later date, so there really is no better time to protect.

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