Vehicle Detailing

nullAt Mulgari Automotive, we provide the ultimate automotive detailing services in Berkshire and the surrounding area. Our expert detailing team work tirelessly to make sure your car shines from every angle. This means employing state of the art detailing technology and a professional team with more than 10 years of experience.

Clients interested in detailing are treated to a one to one meeting at our Berkshire HQ to discuss their vehicle and detailing requirements. They have the option to choose any number of services, including taking your car back to a showroom shine or using Mulgari’s quality protection program which protects the vehicle for months.

Just some of the detailing optionsGtechniq crystal serum

Below is a list of some of our detailing options.

  • Simple decontamination details.
  • Wax based protection details.
  • Gtechniq 9H crystal lacquer protection details.
  • Single stage machine polish enhancement details.
  • 2-4 stage paint correction details.
  • Localised wet sanding.
  • Full body orange peel removal & lacquer levelling.null
  • Wheel removal deep clean details with either bespoke wheel waxes or 9H crystal lacquer protections. (Callipers included)
  • Complete engine bay details.
  • Complete interior details.
  • Soft top colouring & protection

Below is some of the pricing options for our most popular details

  • New car (2 Day)- New car Gtechniq Crystal Serum Black ceramic protection details - From £550.00
  • Level One (1.5 Day) - Deep vehicle decontamination and Exo protection details - From £499.00
  • Level Two (2.5 Day) - Paint enhancement and crystal serum paint protection details - From £650.00
  • Level Three (5 Day)- Full paint correction and crystal serum paint correction details- From £1600.00

Detailing your vehicle has many options, so please feel free to contact one of our team to find out how we can tailor our details to suit your need.

We only use the very best in vehicle protection which is why we are a fully accredited Gtechniq detailing centre, specialising in 9H, inorganic-organic hybrid & aero coatings.

For more information on all our detailing services feel free to contact us via email or phone 01189 321670