1988 Lamborghini Countach QV Restoration

Supercar, a term applied to everything from a family saloon with 600bhp to a mid-engined two seat car that most people can drive, but what about the hairy chested origins of the breed, that started with some crazy thinking from Italy, the home of Supercars?

The Lamborghini Countach cannot claim to be the first, but it can claim to be one of the greatest with it’s unique shape, low level stance and huge power plant producing 455bhp back as far as the Eighties! Not usually the sort of project that you would associate with Mulgari, purveyor of OEM + enhancements to our customer’s cars and specialists in the McLaren, Mini and BMW Brands. However, when one of our long standing customers contacted us to detail an unfortunate accident that they had suffered to their pristine, original Countach, a rare 1988 model QV with less than 12 RHD versions left in existence, we felt that we had to step in and apply our expertise to bring this stunning car back to life. Having suffered extensive damage to the offside, it wasn’t just a quick repair to the affected areas that was called for, rather a full cosmetic bodywork restoration due to the fact that the car was as at delivery and any new paintwork would stand out against the cars originality. An instruction from the insurance company and the owners to also utilise the original parts, rather than replace with new, in order to maintain the authenticity of this rare car left us with a catalogue of challenges in replicating the original build process for these parts from the days when the factories own technicians were handcrafting them. A full bare metal process corrected years of wear and tear on the car before modern techniques were used to correctly match the paint and finish the rebuild of this spectacular car to complete the only insurance authorised repair in the UK in recent years, the rest of the damaged cars being sent to the factory for the work to be carried out in Italy. Mulgari Cars are proud to present the following pictures which detail nearly 11 months of exhaustive work to restore this car to it’s former glory.

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