2016 Range Rover “Black Edition” Update

The manufacturers are constantly updating their cars, introducing special colours or limited run specials that are nothing more than a set of black wheels. There can be nothing more frustrating than buying your new car only to find out 4 weeks later there is a new “edition” that comes with some new edition only bits leaving your new toy outdated. Well, why not just add the bits your missing?
Range Rover will tell you that you need a “Black Edition” to have any of the standard silver trims in black. Well, 4 wheels, 17 body pieces and 2 sets of badges later, hey presto! Your updated Black Edition.

Full process completed in house at our Bracknell facility, no fuss, no “black edition only” minus all of the factory silver which there are copious amounts of. Updated, fresh and current without the special edition costs

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