One of the best things about the detailing studio is the variety of cars we see coming through. Hypercars, supercars, big cars, little cars and of course the classics!! If your passionate about cars then they say you must have owned at least one Ford RS. This grey Focus RS came in for our signature Gtechniq Crystal Serum new car protection detail. The car was fully equipped with all the new performance options, notably the Akrapovic Exhaust System which is new for the 7.5 models. The full Gtechniq CS protection package. – Paintwork coated with Crystal Serum and EXOv3 – Wheels removed and protected with Gtechniq C5 wheel armour, inside and out. – Exterior glass coated in Gtechniq G1 – Interior leather protected in Gtechniq L1 – Interior carpet areas sealed with Gtechniq I1

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