A Mulgari Masterpiece: Audi R8 V10+

This Audi R8 V10+ has now visited every part of the Mulgari workshop. Our expert technicians have increased the horse power, decreased the weight, tuned and painted this car to make it one of the best and most distinctive R8s on the road.

We started out by installing the Akrapovic Audi: R8 V10+ Slip on Exhaust System. We also included a wireless sound module. This increased the BHP by 13.9 and gave the care 15.4 more Nm of torque. The upgrade also decreased the cars overall weight by 16.3kg. The sound module allows the driver to unleash that great Akrapovic sound at the push of a button.

With the exhaust fitted, we moved on to ECU tuning. Our specialists installed the Mulgari ECU calibration which increased the engines power by 30bhp. The work also gave the car a smoother, more refined power delivery. Then the car was moved to our AkzoNobel approved paint specialists.

We removed the entire front end and stripped it back to bare compound in order to repair chip damage. We then repainted using our category 2 paint finish. From there, the vehicle was moved to our Gtechniq accredited detailing centre.

Our Mulgari detailing specialists took 6 days meticulously wet sanding, paint correcting, deep cleaning the engine bay, interior detailing and wheel removal deep cleaning the car. In short, we went over every inch with a fine tooth comb to make sure the car looks perfect from any angle.

Once everything was perfect, our detailing specialists finished and protected the R8 using the worlds finest glass coatings. These include Gtechnig Crystal Serum, EXOv2, C0-Aero Coating, C5, G1, L1, I1 and C4.

With the detailing complete, we stored the car in the Mulgari luxury storage facility until the front end paint was ready for us to apply the Suntek self healing paint protection film. This was installed across the entire front bumper, bonnet, wings, headlights and wing mirrors.

All this work ensures that when this Audi R8 V10+ rolls out of our facility, it is perfect. That is our mission with every car at Mulgari. If you would like to give your car the Mulgari treatment, please contact us today.

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