Audi R8 V10 Quicksilver exhaust & brake caliper refurb

The first generation Audi R8 may have left us back in 2015 but it is still every bit the supercar. Over 500 horsepower, a V10 engine and in the case of this particular R8 and manual 6 speed H pattern gearbox. One critism that followed the generation one Audi R8 around was with the lack of an exhaust note. Both the V8 and V10 both had a large heavy and restrictive exhaust back box that strangled performance and sound.

If you find a car that you really enjoy but there are a couple of points your not happy with then change them, would that not then be the perfect car?

The above was very much the case for the owner of this V10 Audi R8. Always wanted one, a spider and more importantly the manual variant. The one thing that disappointed was the exhaust note so we solved this with the addition of the Quicksilver Titan Valved exhaust. Still retaining the exhaust valves to control the sound via a bluetooth remote.

While the R8 was in having its Quicksilver exhaust system fitted the customer also opted for a brake caliper colour change. The existing calipers had faded and become discoloured so why not have them refurbished. Instead of going back to the OEM black finish a more vibrant body colour was used. Replacement decals we lacquered into the finish to prevent any fade or peel in the future.

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