Audi RS6 with Akrapovic, perfect drivers family car?

Driving to a driver is that chance to escape, that chance to unwind, that chance to leave the hectic schedules behind. As a result, the connection between driver and machine is a very personal one. A key connection to the driving experience is sound especially when its V8 powered. It’s rare to find a car that can fit into family life while combining all those driving wants, for that the Audi RS6 is the only choice. Power, space and of course a V8, but there is one niggle, standard its exhaust note is a little soft. For this there is only one choice.

So why Akrapovic?

Before the team at Akrapovic even start designing a system, they have a team of scientists who test and design the actual titanium material used to make the exhaust. Only when the titanium has passed through a test program, will it be allowed to become an exhaust system. This has meant that Akrapovic are one of the world leaders in titanium manufacture and this doesn’t just stop at exhausts, some other applications include aerospace, medical and military.

Each exhaust system takes roughly 12 months from initial design to a finished road ready product. At least 8 of the 12 months is spent on research and development. Hours of dyno testing and in some cases 35 different prototypes just to establish the perfect sound and performance. A team of engineers had to design a special microphone just to pick up exhaust drone. They actually had to engineer a new microphone just to hear drone!

This stunning daytona grey Audi RS6 visited for the full Evolution line exhaust offering from Akrapovic. Turbo downpipes back with valved rear boxes finished off with replacement carbon exhaust tips. 9 bhp increase while reducing the weight by 9KGS. For more information on the Audi RS6 follow this link 

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