Bentley Continental GT PPF & Gtechniq Crystal Serum

When it comes to a GT car there is only one real choice. The Bentley Continental GT, quiet, smooth and effortless British class.

This 2019 deep blue continental came into the studio for one of our full protection new car protection details with front end paint protection film installation. The front bumper, bonnet, and wings were protected with XPEL paint protection film to prevent stone chips in the stunning blue paint. The rest of the paintwork was prepared and protected using the full range of Gtechniq coatings. Crystal Serum Black topped up with EXOv4 coat protecting the areas without PPF.

Gtechniq crystal serum is a hardened ceramic coating that provides a resistant barrier to washing swirls and general fallout contamination. The Crystal Serum black coating effectively adds microns to the thickness of the paint, smoothing the paintwork, providing a deeper gloss finish and more importantly a protected finish.

Wheels were removed, deep cleaned and coated inside and out with Gtechniq C5 wheel armour. Interior hydo coated with Gtechniq L1 and I1. To finish the glass was coated with Gtechniq G1 giving complete protection.

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