BMW F12 M6 – Paint, Performance, Protection

One of the unique things about Mulgari is our ability to encompass all aspects of aftermarket care, performance, maintenance and detailing. We give clients the ability to drop a car off and have a whole variety of work carried out.

This stunning San Marino Blue BMW M6 was a prime example of how our multi department services can cater for a client’s specific needs. From paint to performance, all in house at our 13,000 Sqft facility in Bracknell, Berkshire.

First stop was with the bodyshop team. Nothing too dramatic just a few stone chips to the front end. As with all of our bodywork the required parts are always removed from the vehicle, stripped down and prepped away from the body, why? There are two main reasons, the first, overspray. Overspray is where paint coming out of the spray gun creeps under masking lines and lays on panels that are not being painted. It gives the panel a rough sandpaper-like texture and can be a nightmare to remove. The second, edges. Masking up around grills, headlights and panels leave a paint edge. When the masking tape is removed it can leave a hard line in the lacquer which is sharp to the touch and also leaves a potential point of paint failure. Our team of technicians can remove and strip a bumper in less time than it would take to mask it up, net result a better end to end paint job in less time, no brainer!

Next stop for the BMW M6 was our performance department. In charge of the strip and fitment of the panel but also the assembly and addition of some rather fetching 3DDesign carbon aero parts. A 3DDesign carbon front splitter and rear diffuser were added as part of the works in preparation for some later performance additions from Akrapovic and Eventuri.

The final stop on the Mulgari journey was with the detailing team. Always the last department as these guys are in the business of detail. Any polishing or finishing of the paintwork is usually handled with the detailing team, they have a keen eye for perfection so refinement is in their nature. After the efforts of the paint team to refresh the front bumper, bonnet and front wings it was a given full coverage of XPEL PPF. This paint protection film provides a physical barrier to prevent stone chips and general damage to the fresh paintwork, we have seen in some cases it even protects against accidental damage.   

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