BMW F87 M2 Competition Front Bumper PPF

Nothing worse than a stone chip on your brand new car right? Its sod’s law that as soon as you drive away from the dealership in your new car, your going to have something flick up and damage your new toy – or is it? Not for this Hockenheim Silver BMW M2 Competition.

Coming straight to us from the dealership, this BMW M2 Competition had a full XPEL paint protection film (PPF) front bumper install. The front bumper coverage will eradicate those annoying stone chips and protect the new paintwork from any damage. Hockenheim Silver can be a tricky colour to paint and match right to the rest of the bodywork. Preventative PPF means that it need not be a concern, stress free, damage free, worry free driving miles.

XPEL paint protection film has a wide range of protection applications, from full car and front end, through to golf bag and boot loading protection. For more information on paint protection offering please feel free to contact one of the team.

For more information on our XPEL PPF service click this LINK

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