Clever Styling For The Clever BMW i8

The i8 is BMW’s most progressive sports car. This hi-tech plug-in hybrid uses all sorts of electronic innovations to bring the sheer pleasure of driving to the leafy green world of hybrids. Not only does it achieve this aim, but it does so in one of the best looking beemers in years.

This particular i8 came into us to have one of our signature OE Plus packages. With the OE Plus package we alter the appearance of the vehicle with only subtle colour changes; enhancing the style but preserving the design. Though subtle, the OE Plus package will make a car stand out in a line up.

On this vehicle, we wanted to keep the vehicle colour combinations down to just three colours: Mega Carum Spice Grey, Piano Black and Frozen Black.

We coloured the car in a theme that shows off the power and superiority of the i8, while maintaining its unique style.

· Front kidney grills combined Frozen Black, Piano black and Mega Carum Spice Grey

· Disc hats Frozen Black

· Wheels refurbished Piano Black

· Electric Blue around centre caps completed in Piano Black

· Bonnet/boot Emblems completed in Piano Black

· Lower plastic side skirts re-painted in Mega Carum Spice Grey

· Electric Blue side skirt detail completed in Piano Black

· Electric Blue, rear bumper surround completed in Frozen Black

While the vehicle was here we also completely re-painted the front bumper for stone chips & tinted the rear windows with a 35% gradient. We paint protection filmed the entire front bumper, side skirts and front kidney grills in Suntek self healing PPF.

To complete the job, the BMW i8 was treated to an enhancement detail and protected in Swissvax UK Reep Group Crystal Rock.

Check out the gallery to see how our OE Plus package has completely altered the look of the BMW i8, without the need for a wheel change or body styling.

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