There is a common misconception that BMW Frozen paint finishes are delicate and hard to look after. In fact they are the complete opposite. The matte surface finish doesn’t matt like traditional gloss paintwork so after general washing the paintwork continues to have a uniform finish, no micro scratches, no marring. This doesn’t mean that the paint work shouldn’t be protected. Daily contaminates and road crime can still effect the paints finish. The most common is gloss enhancing shampoo’s being used, which as you would expect turns the matte more to a satin.

Gtechniq have C1 which when applied gives the same protection properties as the more commonly know Crystal Serum. C1 doesn’t have to offer the same scratch resistance as crystal serum so is focused on fallout protection. Once coated the paintwork is seal from the forementioned issues, sealing and protection the matte finish.

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