Lamborghini Murcielago SV restoration

To those of us with petrol running through our veins, the 1960s was a seminal period for engineering genius to flourish in the industrial heartlands of Modena, Italy.

Names such as Ferrucio Lamborghini, Giotto Bizzarrini and Gian Paolo Dallara could never have imagined that their visionary mid-engined designs would still be leading the field in what many believe is the final, ultimate expression of the analogue Supercar, The Lamborghini Murcielago LP-670 SV.

Only 186 cars were built before the all new Aventador arrived, so the Murcielago SV heralded the withdrawal of Bizzaririni’s seminal engine design, only now it was stretched to 6.5 litres in capacity and produced 670 brake horsepower in a car stripped of all unnecessary luxuries, capable of 0-60 in 3 seconds and top speed of at least 209 mph.

As such a statement of intent towards a past never to be repeated, but with a nod to the digital age commencing before it, the Murcielago SV soon gathered a reputation as one of the finest Supercars ever produced; Not the fastest, not the best handling, not the most aerodynamic, but fulfilling every teenager’s tick box as to what a supercar should be.

It stands to reason to take steps to protect this rare Bull, especially if you wish to use it and experience it as it’s makers intended.

This example was showing its age, requiring a full strip down to the component parts to breathe new life into this project.

Carrying out an extremely detailed paintwork restoration to restore the car to it former glory, our specialist paint team utilised contacts within the Lamborghini Factory to apply the original factory colour achieving a flawless finish that ensures this SV stands out amongst others.

However, there is no point in going to the lengths that this discerning customer demanded to achieve such a deep gloss black finish as expected without then taking every possible step to protect the stunning finish.

As no Murcielago SV had ever been protected with Paint Protection Film in the UK, we had to create a completely custom Paint Protection Film, one who’s templates will benefit other owners of the SV’s. XPEL’s latest self-healing PPF will allow the owner to enjoy his vehicle without the worry of stone chips or scratches and to protect their investment.

A new SV script to match the brake callipers finished the project to the delight of this customer who has extensively used this vehicle throughout the summer season.

Mulgari Cars are proud to present the following pictures which detail our extensive work to return this car to its original glory.

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