M2 Comp with Akra Slip On

It has to be said that the exhaust back box on the new BMW M2 competition is ugly. At first glance you would suspect it may even be falling off. Not to mention the muffled hair dryer noise the new petrol particulate filtered exhaust are making. 
Intro the Akrapovic titanium slip on exhaust system, the cure to the problem. While providing the much needed visual and sound improvement the system also reduces the weight by 10kgs. The additional 5 bhp and 6 NM of torque also adds a little boost to the acceleration. 

There are two system options.  Slip on, essentially the rear exhaust section with carbon tips and sound valves and then the full evolution. The full Evolution is from the turbo downpipes back, removing nearly 18 Kgs of weight while adding an impressive 15 bhp. When fitting the full evolution ECU mapping is required.

View the Akrapovic Slip On M2 exhaust

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