Matte Bronze BMW M6 Gran Coupe – Brake caliper colour change and paint protection.

At a couple of years old is a fully specced BMW M6 Gran Coupe less of a car? In those 2 years has it really become that “old”? No of course not, if anything it becomes a better car to buy especially for your bank balance. This Matte Bronze M6 Gran Coupe came close to £130,000 with all the options from new, recently picked up for under half that with only 18,000 miles on the clock. After saving a huge amount over list the M6’s new owner decided to make a couple of changes and protect the expensive paintwork.

First stop was with the performance and paint team. The original BMW blue caliper colour really didn’t work with the stunning frozen bronze paintwork, if anything it almost clashed. All of the brake calipers where removed, taken in the paintshop and stripped ready for a new base coat colour. Gloss black with replacement white M decals was selected, subtle but no need for flashy calipers when the body paint was so striking.   

After the calipers were complete it was time for the detailing team to take over. A combination of physical and chemical paint protection was applied. The front bumper, bonnet and rear bumper were protected with XPEL Stealth paint protection film, providing the physical barrier to damage with Gtechniq ceramic coatings providing protection for the other areas.

One of the challenges with BMW frozen paint is matching back to original plus adjoining panels. Time and weathering can change the gloss levels of the matte lacquer finish when trying to match for any repair purposes it can be a challenge to match the fade levels so protecting the most prone areas is a no brainer.  

Wheels were removed, deep cleaned and coated inside and out with Gtechniq C5 ceramic wheel amour including the freshly painted calipers, providing protection and ease of maintenance.

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