Nissan R35 GT-R Time Attack Car

We have completed this beautiful R35 GT-R time attack car for one of our customers. The car’s owner wanted a fresh new look for the 2016 season as well as some performance enhancing tweaks to shave a few more precious seconds off this machines already blisteringly quick time.

To save weight, we have installed a Mines dry carbon fibre roof skin, bonnet, doors, trunk and rear spoiler. This has also lowered the centre of gravity to help the car corner even faster. To further reduce weight, we refitted the entire under tray with lightweight bolts. Our technicians also installed a titanium Y-pipe to improve low rev torque, enhance the engine note and remove two catalytic converters.

Once the performance modifications were finished, the car was sent to the wizards in our paint and body work department to get a whole new look. We removed the front bumper, diffuser & valance, stripped back the paint and repainted the pieces in pearl white and metallic black with copper accents. Then we removed the doors, built them up and prepped them for standard interior door card components. We also painted them with zero drop back and sinkage. When the doors were finished, we pulled the side skirts and rear bumper for repair and repainting. We also removed and fabricated the crash bar in order to mount a new carbon fibre intake on the front bumper. Finally we removed the front and rear diffusers, bonnet, roof skin trunk and spoiler. These were prepped and painted transparent piano black so you can see the carbon fibre through the translucent colour.

After the paint and body work was finished, it was time to put some finishing touches on the car. This was started by preparing and painting the rear lights piano black to match the paint work. Then our technicians added copper accents on the front bumper, the front and rear diffuser, mirror caps and rear wing, to match the brake callipers. The finishing touch was adding custom made wing graphics at the owners request to give the car a final personalised touch.

If you are thinking of upgrading your GT-R, Mulgari has a range of performance enhancing parts and modifications. You can check out our GT-R range or contact us today for more information.

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