Nothing Shines Like Mulgari: BMW E46 M3

If you have ever been to a car show or other automotive event, you have seen it, a car sitting on a plinth, shining like a jewel with tires. The car looks too perfect, even better than new models sitting in a dealership showroom. That begs the question, how on earth do you get a car to look that perfect?

When car owners and manufacturers really want to impress customers, they get their vehicles detailed at a place like Mulgari. That is because we can take any car and make it look amazing. A great example is the BMW E46 M3 we have just finished detailing. This car has over 128,000 miles so it has had its fare share of experience with dirt and dust.

To get this car looking its best we started with the wheels. Each one was fully stripped of their painted finish and diamond cut to OP specifications. Then we shot blasted and repainted the front and rear brake callipers. Once all of this was done, we protected the wheels and callipers using Gtechniq Crystal Serum Pro including the barrels and fascias. All of this makes the alloys and brakes shine like they are newly milled and polished.

Once the wheels were finished, we removed the front headlight lenses and wet sanded them to remove any dust and pitting. Then we corrected any imperfections using UV clear coat. This gives the headlights that crystal clear look.

The next piece in the puzzle was the wing mirrors. We removed the housing and bases, stripped them down and repainted them using our professional paint matching. This removes any marks and Adds that level of Mulgari detail.

The final pieces to be removed were the exhaust tips. Years of road use meant they needed restoration. This is a small detail but when you want to make a car really shine, the small details matter.

With all of the pieces removed and restored, we brought in our deep cleaning teams. The engine bay got a deep clean to remove oil and other engine fluids and road grime. There is no point in having a beautiful engine like the one in this M3 if you cannot show it off, so we made it shine.

Our next task was deep cleaning the interior. A car can look amazing on the outside but a dirty interior makes the whole experience a little less special. That is why we take extra care to make sure we go over every interior with the greatest care and attention to detail.

The final step was an exterior deep clean followed by paint protection using Swissvax UK crystal rock. This gives the car its glistening finish and protects it from any further paint damage.

The M3 will be back later for a full wet sand and an entire body paint correction after which we will protect everything with Gtechniq Crystal Serum and EXOv2. This will finish the look and make this M3 shine brighter than anything else on the road.

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