Uk First 2016 Audi R8 Akrapovic Installation

Mulgari HQ is full of fast cars and we just made one a whole lot faster. Our customer brought in their brand new Audi R8 V10+ for the first ever UK installation of an Akrapovic Exhaust System on this particular R8 model.

The car now has a more aggressive sound to let people know just how special this R8 really is. But as any car lover will know, an Akrapovic Exhaust does more than just improve a soundtrack.

The new pipes have decreased the overall weight of the R8 V10+ by 19.5 KG, increased the power by 11.5 BHP and pushed the torque up 20 NM. That means this car can accelerate harder, brake later, corner faster and handle better than any stock R8 on the road. So if you see it pull up next to you at the lights, give it plenty of room.

Once we had finished adding all that wonderful power, it was time to make this R8 shine. Our technicians started with a complete decontamination and single compound. This gets rid of any dirt and grime and corrects those annoying dealership paint defects. Once the car was shining like new, we moved on to paint protection.

At Mulgari, we use the Suntek self healing paint protection film. For this R8, we custom cut many of the film pieces to make sure every inch of the vehicle was protected. Once everything was perfect, we finished off the job with a Swissvax UK Crystal Rock wax and polish.

All that work ensures the car looks and sounds perfect for our very satisfied customer. It also means this R8 will stand out even when it is surrounded by other super cars.

This is not the first R8 to come through Mulgari HQ. Check out this Audi that visited all the departments in Mulgari.

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