What is Paint Protection Film / PPF?

Paint protection film (PPF) is a clear urethane plastic that is commonly applied to high impact areas of vehicles, protecting against stone chips, road damage and reduces the associated repair costs. On average a repair bill for an unprotected area can be substantially more than the installation costs of the film.

PPF was originally developed and used by the military during the Vietnam War, known then as ‘Helicopter tape’. 3M were asked to come up with a solution for the rotor blades of the helicopters to stop the damage from the updraft debris when dropping soldiers in the jungle. The advantages of the helicopter tape became immediately clear after being adopted, instant reduction in vehicle downtime, reduced costs and easy installation/replacement. Clear films and paint protection film is still used by the world’s militaries today, protecting rotor blades, tanks, cockpits and helmets. The first automotive application of paint protection film was in 1961 when three German engineers wanted to protect their personal Porsche’s, the very first pattern piece was for the Porsche 356.    

Fast forward to the use in the automotive sector and world leaders XPEL. XPEL has pioneered the development of the paint protection film, enhancing the self healing properties, making the film thinner and less noticeable on the painted surface to the point of pretty much invisibility. Some manufacturers use PPF as standard installation from new but as a whole PPF is becoming widely used across all sectors, with owners that are looking to protect their valuable assets.

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