Winter Is Coming… Time To Protect The Porsche 911

Feast your eyes on this beautiful Porsche 996 911 Turbo. After 110,000 miles, this well-loved Porsche was starting to show some exterior wear and tear. So, the client opted to have Mulgari restore it to its former glory.

To start with, all 4 wheels were removed and refurbished back to original standard. While the wheels were removed, we took the callipers off and restored them back to OE finish as well. Fitting new disc pads in the process completed the inside arch restoration. With the wheels taken care of, we then removed the bonnet and bumper. This allowed us to do a full repair and repainting of the entire front end – taking care of any stone chips and deep scratches.

Once complete, the Porsche was moved to our detailing department to be completely refinished. A combination of wet sanding and paint correction was used to re-level the Porsche’s stock lacquer. Our detailing work left the Porsche looking wet and glossy, with an incredible depth of shine. To finish things off, we deep cleaned the inside arches, engine bay and interior back to as near the original as possible. To protect all our good work and the shine of this beautiful car, the wheels and callipers were coated in Gtechniq Crystal Serum Pro & EXOv2. The glass was coated in G1, the engine in C4, leather in L1, and the mats in I1.

After all that work, the 911 is finished and ready for us to cover it in a full body Suntek self-healing paint protection film. This will protect the Porsche not only from scratches, but stone chipping from spirited, 911-style driving. With all of our protection films in place, the Porsche 911 is safe from both organic and inorganic debris, the roads, and even the weather. Our combination of protective films come with the added benefit of a water contact angle of 115 degrees and water runoff angle of 15 degrees. This prevents pooling and watermarks appearing on the paintwork, allowing the Porsche to shine no matter what the weather.

If you’re interested in restoring your car ahead of the autumn and winter months, or looking to protect your vehicle from the winter grime this year, please contact our office on 01189 321 670. Alternatively email us at

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