Welcome to the ICON Range – A True Driving Experience.
We firmly believe that if a car is deemed an icon, it shouldn’t be anything less than exceptional. Our ICONs retain this philosophy. We have engineered the Mulgari ICON01 and ICON02 to meet this impeccable standard, elevating them to their rightful status.

Drive. Don’t Be Driven

An ICON is made for the soul driver who drives for the thrill of it. Not for those who believe it’s a means of getting from A to B.

We understand that when you drive, you want to feel that fizz… that excitement that sets your pulse racing. You want a car that has the ability to surprise you, but at the same time react effortlessly to your instruction. If a car can do all this, you’ve got yourself an ICON.

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McLaren 12c – ICON01

Mini F56 – ICON02

Coming 2019 – ICON03
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