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Aftermarket speed in a box. Get that heart-pumping ICON experience with our bespoke aftermarket performance packs. After years of development, we have created an out-of-the-box kit that gives you a taste of the ICON driving experience.

Capturing Mulgari passion has never been easier. Simply choose your level of upgrade, order your Mulgari+ performance pack and fit it. Then send us your ECU and we’ll do the remapping so you can experience the feel, the sound, the drive.

Precision Customisation
Our Mulgari+ performance packs are custom designed and tested in-house. In keeping with our drive for perfection, we make sure that every performance pack delivers on our promise of offering a pure driving experience. Choose your level of performance pack and receive a precision designed kit direct to your door.
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From Mulgari to your door


Choose your package from one of three stages. Enter your chassis number at checkout and receive your upgrades in the post with detailed instructions.


Fit your parts and send us your ECU back with our tracked UPS service. We remap your ECU with our exclusive Mulgari+ expertise.

Get your ECU back in the post in just 5 days. In the meantime, prepare yourself for a soul driving experience built exclusively for your car.

Mulgari+ is Here
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Experience The True ICON
Do you drive simply for the thrill of it? Are you looking for a true driving
experience, not just a car to drive? We have carefully crafted our ICON
range to deliver just that.
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