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Awe Tuning Audi R8 V10 Switchpath Exhaust System

AWE Tuning releases its latest supercar Performance System, the R8 V10 SwitchPath Exhaust System.

The AWE Tuning R8 V10 SwitchPath Exhaust System was designed and engineered specifically with the unique sound and Performance characteristics of the 5.2L V10 engine in mind. Rather than repurposing a R8 4.2L V8 exhaust, the AWE Tuning team started with a clean slate to achieve the exhaust tone, sound volume, and Performance they knew the V10 was capable of producing. Hundreds of hours of development and sound tuning were put in to creating this system.

System Highlights:

  • Designed and manufactured in-house at AWE Tuning
  • H-Pipe Crossover for enhanced tone and Exhaust scavenging
  • Bullet Style Mufflers, designed and built in-house
  • Max gains: +21 hp and +50 ft lb at the crank at 2200 rpm
  • Peak gains: +11 hp and +6 ft lb at the crank
  • German Engineered control valves
  • Valve Programming optimized for R8 V10 engine characteristics
  • CNC machined V-Band connections
  • Crafted from T304 stainless steel
  • No CEL
  • Lifetime Warranty

The AWE Tuning R8 V10 SwitchPath Exhaust System comes as a single, ready to install Performance upgrade. The exhaust outlets are designed to perfectly line up with the oval exhaust tip integrated into the factory muffler, so no additional labor necessary to adjust the exhaust tips.

“We hand craft matchless exhausts here at AWE Tuning, but this one, well, let’s just say the whole office gathered to listen when the newly outfitted R8 V10 took its maiden voyage.” states Jesse Kramer, VP of Marketing. “This is more than something new, this is something special.”

SwitchPath™ Valve System Highlights:

One of the more distinguishing attributes of the R8 V10 SwitchPath Exhaust System is the proprietary mechanical valve system that controls sound volume:

  • Under part throttle and idle, valves route exhaust gasses through integrated mufflers, keeping sound levels civilized.
  • At 3/4 throttle application and more, the valves automatically open and the system goes into a more aggressive, “straight pipe” mode flowing primarily via both the 2 ¼” part throttle and 2 ½” full throttle channels.
  • An in-cabin mounted electronic SwitchPath Remote toggles the mechanical valves between “normal” and “straight pipe mode.”

In “Normal” mode, the system’s valves are controlled by throttle position, while in “Straight Pipe Mode” the system gets aggressive from the start (ideal for racing and track usage).

In addition to the valve system, the SwitchPath exhaust is civilized at idle and part throttle because AWE Tuning uses 2 ¼” tubing for the idle and part throttle flow path. Further, the compact mufflers you see in the photos are outfitted with a double layer of OE grade stainless steel wool and composite acoustical wrap, and a carefully chosen internal perforation pattern. While the mufflers are small in size, coupled with the small diameter exit tubing on that channel and AWE Tuning’s H-pipe balance section, a sweet, higher pitched exotic sound is produced that tends to be much more naturally pleasing to the ear.

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