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BMW M3 & M4 Akrapovic Exhaust *in-demand*

Its proven that quality exhaust system is guaranteed to enhance a driver’s experience, and believe us when we say that an Akrapovic exhaust will never fail at that.

Akrapovic announced in April that they would be developing the BMW F82 M4 & F80 M3 exhaust system, an announcement that was music to peoples ears. Since then we’ve been truly overwhelmed by the interest and pre-orders for both the M4 & M3 exhaust. This titanium system is in such high demand that once the remaining few are reserved, customers will have to wait until next year to get an exhaust upgrade for their M3 or M4.The sheer precision and perfection in the Akrapovic manufacturing process places this system at the top of its league. It uses the latest generation exhaust design and can only be described as faultless.

This system features a delete of the secondary cats, designed to increase the gas flow to deliver increased power and torque. Valve technology also allows the driver to alter the tone of the exhaust on demand, from a sporty but smooth sound to a deeper more racy tone. The Evolution system is a direct replacement for the stock exhaust and requires no ECU modification.

We look forward to beginning the fitting process and will of course be bringing you more news along the way. If you would like to pre-order your M4 or M3 Akrapovic system, contact Mulgari via 01189 321670 or Email

Below is a video of the Titanium Akrapovic on a sound check.

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