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McLaren Mp4-12c Akrapovic Has Arrived

The latest exhaust to be released from Akrapovic?, the world-class Slovenian replacement sports exhaust manufacturer, is a Slip-On Line system for the incredible 3,799cc V8-powered McLaren 12C and 12C Spider.

Manufactured from selected titanium alloys, the Slip-On Line exhaust unit features the latest exhaust construction technology to increase the McLaren 12C’s performance dynamics, produce the famed Akrapovi? exhaust tone, and yet retain cabin refinement at all engine speeds.

Constructed throughout in titanium, the Slip-On Line replaces the standard system and is the easiest and most effective way to extract performance and sound via the exhaust system. The Slip-on Line features formed and welded sections and specialist construction techniques to maximise performance and the quality of the sound output throughout the rpm range. Akrapovi? engineers placed special emphasis on ensuring the McLaren 12C delivers an unforgettable sound right from the word go; at low rpm the Akrapovi? Slip-On Line serves up a deep tone befitting a specialist V8; from mid-to-peak rpm the tone changes to that of a racing car taking control of a circuit.

The Slip-On Line gives great results in terms of reduced weight for a greater power-to-weight ratio, and increases torque and power output. Because the Slip-on Line system also allows the exhaust to ‘breathe’ at higher engine revs – but retain a heart warming tone at lower engine rpm – the throttle response is also greatly enhanced.

Complementing the engineering skill required to produce such a system, the Slip-On Line system is finished with heat resistant carbon fibre exhaust tailpipes, manufactured by engineers from the Akrapovic? specialist composite division.For more information please feel free to contact us or 01189 321670

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