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Mercedes A45 AMG Tuned By Revozport

Determined to make in roads to the Mercedes tuner mark, Revozport has released the new RZA-290 aero styling items.

Since the roll out of the new Mercedes W176 AMG A45, Revozport has been designing a new aero kit that echo’s the perfectly shaped AMG A class but adds a more devilish side. The new kit features front add-on splitter, an aggressive canard that helps rush more air to the radiator and oil cooler, side skirts that helps side wind down force, a lightweight carbon bonnet with vents to cool the engine bay. The back is definitely the most exciting part of the business where we designed a diffuser that uses a square shape quad exhaust tip together with and addition of a 3D under spoiler all for the function to dissipate heat and create extra down force. The GT wing finishes off the overall aggressive look and confirms the RZA-290 as a true hot hatch from the appearance.

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