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Milltek Sport Porsche Cayman Exhaust System

After a long research and development program, Milltek Sport have released there latest exhaust for the Gen 2 987 Cayman and Cayman R. Tasked with the challenge of delivering a performance exhaust to match the world renowned handling, Milltek worked long and hard on producing a system that not only delivers a throaty exhaust note but increases engine performance. The Milltek system provides and additional 21 Hp and 15 lb/ft of torque. 

“The Milltek complete exhaust system produced a healthy 21hp and 15lb/ft torque gain at the rear wheels. That’s roughly 25hp at the motor or the equivalent of a 997 3.6 motor! The car now has a much more throaty sound but is quiet at idle thereby avoiding resonance problems. The exhaust gives the Cayman an angry snarl. I can’t imagine that Milltek will be able to make these babies fast enough… the system is really that good.” 

Cayman Club USA

Matched with our ECU Software the caymans can see a 997 rivalling 40 bhp increase.

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