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Porsche 991 Performance Exhaust Systems *in-demand*

Its proven that a performance exhaust automatically enhances a drivers experience, at Mulgari we completely agree as do our Porsche 991 owners. Not only will the correct 911 performance exhaust system produce a breathtaking flat 6 soundtrack and send all the right feelings through your body, it will also offer impressive power gains, weight reductions and help you get one step closer to releasing your 991’s true pedigree.

This explains why 911 991 performance exhaust systems have been in heavy demand since their release.

Our Akrapovic, AWE and Fabspeed (for turbo models) exhaust packages all offer impressive performance gains and engine soundtrack customisation options to make your Porsche 991 drive and sound exactly how you want.

Akrapovic’s Slip-On Exhaust System offers a 10kg weight save, an additional 18 bhp and a dual note active valve system to allow you to accentuate your Porsche’s racing tone.

The AWE SwitchPath Exhaust System delivers an additional 20 bhp and 25 tq on the stock 991 figures. In addition, if you’re looking for a truly responsive 991 experience, the AWE package is ideal for you. It includes an active valve system that responds to signals sent from your Porsche’s ECU, changing your vehicles tone dependent upon your driving style.

Fabspeed’s Supersport Exhaust System should be the only consideration for owners of a Porsche 991 Turbo. With a noticeable improvement to your flat-six’s sound throughout the RPM range and a power increase of 37 bhp and 47 ft-lb torque it’s no wonder this performance exhaust package is in such high demand.

For a more in depth break down, and videos of the listed exhausts in action, take a look at our Porsche 991 performance exhaust tuning page. If you would rather talk to someone about your Porsche tuning requirements, or any other vehicle customisation ideas, contact Mulgari on 01189 321 670 or send us an email.

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