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Porsche GT4 Receiving The Slovenian Sound Track

The titanium wizards Akrapovic, have announced they are close to the release of their slip on titanium exhaust system for the latest Porsche GT4. Unlike a lot of the aftermarket systems that carry across from the normal 981 cayman, the Akrapovic system is a bespoke product for the Carrera engined GT4. If the figures from the normal Cayman slip on system are anything to go on, then we can expect to see a weight saving of around 4 kgs with power increases of around the 10 bhp mark. The GT3 system offers gains in the region of 19 bhp so who knows what will come out of the development, but we can be sure it is going to be a must have.

Pre orders for the system are now available, the first batch is already in demand so if your thinking this is the way to go on your GT4 then be sure to contact us so we can secure you one of the first.

For more information or any questions please feel free to contact

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