Paint & Bodyshop

Paint and Body Shop Berkshire

nullAt Mulgari's paint and bodyshop in Bracknell, Berkshire passion for perfection runs through the whole business. For far too long the art of paint refinishing has been forgotten and quick in and out paint jobs have become acceptable. At our Bracknell, Berkshire bodyshop, we are bucking this trend. At Mulgari we believe that if you are going to paint a car, when it is done, it should be a thing of beauty. The art of repair and painting a vehicle should be taken with great care and attention to detail, from the very first steps of preparation through to the final finish. Capitalising on 20 years of automotive refinishing experience, our Berkshire paint & body team are passionate about every detail and will accept nothing less than perfection.

Car Body Repair Berkshire

Damage, accidents and normal wear and tear are an everyday occurrence. Our car bodyshop team are on hand to complete and restore your vehicle to its original condition while maintaining its originality and value. From scratches and stone chips through to complete chassis zero orange peel paint finishes, this is all completed in house at our Berkshire car body repair facility using our state of the art technology and team of experts. Our experience and innovation mean we have the ability to match any paint finish required with our Akzonoble Lesonal paint mixing scheme providing every single automotive colour available.

For more information please feel free to drop in and see us at our Bracknell location or feel free to contact us on 01189 321670 or email us at