Akrapovic BMW 1 Series Downpipes

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BMW  ·  1-Series / 1M
Akrapovic Exhaust Systems

The Akrapovic BMW 1 Series Turbo Downpipes are the perfect place to start when tuning a BMW 1 Series. They can increase power and torque for anyone running a stock exhaust or using a turbocharger. The new downpipes can also decrease back pressure and improve your engine note. That makes a turbo downpipe essential for anyone looking to increase their cars performance.


The Akrapovic BMW 1 Series Turbo Downpipe gives the 1 series a larger bore exhaust. This allows the turbo to spool up quicker while giving the car an increase in overall performance.

Bend Technology

Akrapovic never uses inferior bending technology for its parts. The Akrapovic Turbo Downpipes are not crush bent or allowed to crinkle which means they increase power without restricting flow.


The wide bore of the Akrapovic Turbo Downpipes give the 1 Series an aggressive sound. When you put your foot down the car produces a truly exciting noise that lets you know you are running the best.

The downpipes will require ECU mapping when fitting.

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