Akrapovic Nissan GTR Evolution Line

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Akrapovic Exhaust Systems

Upgrade To An Akrapovic Nissan GT-R Evolution Line Exhaust

The Nissan GT-R is one of the most obsessively engineered cars on the road. It is designed to be the perfect drivers car. That is why Akrapovic have produced the perfect drivers exhaust. This set of pipes has been designed with the same single-minded attention to detail as the GT-R itself. It is crafted to add power while reducing weight and improving the exhaust note of the car.

The system comes with the choice of the carbon or titanium tips

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Why Choose An Akrapovic Nissan GT-R Evolution Line Exhaust

Power Figures At A Glance

  • 17 BHP Increase
  • 56.1 NM Torque Increase
  • 17.3 KG Weight Decrease

Akrapovic Nissan GT-R Power Enhancements

Adding the Akrapovic exhaust to the Nissan GT-R is like adding more rockets to a rocket ship and removing the seatbelts to save weight. It takes an already fantastic car and makes it better. The new exhaust adds 17 BHP and 56.1 NM of extra torque to the Nissan. This improves acceleration and makes the car more responsive especially when driven vigorously.

Akrapovic Nissan GT-R Soundtrack

Fitted with the Akrapovic Exhaust system, the Nissan GT-R sounds like a whole new breed of car. At idle it has a fantastic baritone purr. When you put your foot hard down this becomes an explosion of petrol powered glory. Put simply, this car, paired with the Akrapovic Exhaust, sounds absolutely brilliant.

Akrapovic Nissan GT-R Exhaust Weight Reduction

Fitted with the new Akrapovic Exhaust, the Nissan GT-R is 17.3 KG lighter. This means the car can accelerate faster, turn sharper, break later and corner at higher speeds. Overall the car feels more nimble and alive which takes a great driving experience and makes it even better.

Akrapovic Nissan GT-R Exhaust Durability

Titanium is one of the strongest materials available in the automotive industry. Its natural heat resistance, durability and rust resistance makes it one of the best materials to use for high performance exhausts. That is why it was chosen for the Akrapovic Exhaust. It is simply the best material to use when you want to run the best.

Nissan GTR Akrapovic Power Figures

Expert Akrapovic Performance Exhaust Fitting

Mulgari is 1 of 10 approved Akrapovic suppliers in the UK. All of our highly trained technicians are experts in the Akrapovic range. We provide the highest quality service to ensure that when we hand you back your keys, your car is perfect.