AWE Audi S5 3.0T Supercharger Pulley Upgrade

Engine & Induction
For Vehicle:
Audi  ·  S5
AWE Tuning

The AWE Supercharger pulley upgrade is smaller than the stock Audi S5 item, the reduction in size means that the pulley spins faster creating more boost pressure. More boost pressure equates to more power delivered through the rev range.

ECU tuning is required when fitting the pulley. When on boost Audi ECU software directs a valve inside the supercharger to open, then waste (or “bleed off”) any additional boost pressure. When the AWE Tuning 3.0T Performance Pulley is added, even more boost is created, so there is potential for even more bleed off. ECU tuning allows for the adjustment of these boost pressures as well as maximising the performance of the Eaton supercharger.

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