KW Automotive Coilover Suspension BMW F80 M3 / F82 M4

From £1500.00
For Vehicle:
BMW  ·  F8x M3 / M4

The KW Club sport coilovers offer BMW drivers who want maximum performance from their new M4 Coupé and M3 Saloon on racetracks and on the street.

Rebound adjustment on end of the piston rods. Club sport 2-way and 3-way coilovers can be adjusted with up to sixteen click movements. Less rebound comfort will increase, increased rebound force, handling will improve and body roll reduced.

The damping force in KW V3 and Clubsport 2-way can be adjusted manually with twelve click movements, KW three way offering further adjustment. If required compression damping can be adjusted in the high and low speed range. High-speed compression adjustment can be varied between 14-steps and low-speed compression can be varied with 6-steps. Hard low speed adjustment will have more affect the front axle and help reduce over steer.

The KW top mounts improve the handling enabling full use of the tyre performance on the road surface. Thanks to the adjustable camber plate’s optimal adhesion can be applied when cornering.

For those who want maximum performance on racetracks Club sport is the ultimate solution.

For fast road driving variant 3 suits the M4 and M3 perfectly.

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