Mulgari F56 Mini JCW Front Mount Intercooler

£640.67 inc VAT
Part #:
Engine & Induction
For Vehicle:
Mini  ·  F56 Cooper S / JCW

Performance Increases: + 9 BHP

When performing any sort of tuning with the current generation of Mini F56 JCW an intercooler is on of the first if not the first component to look at. Increased engine intake temperatures from tuning or extensive track work make a front mount intercooler a must have.

Our front mount intercooler features an L shape core design with cast aluminium end tanks to ensure maximum cooling area and flow. A 30% increase in frontal area and 40% overall air capacity, reduce intake temperatures down allowing for additional and maintainable boost. More notably when running our Performance S ECU calibration gives a substantial gain in torque from 4250 RPM creating a smooth strong power curve.

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