Mulgari BMW F80 M3

Mulgari BMW F80 M3

'The Mulgari BMW F80 M3 Project'

Tick every box as you order your range-topping BMW M3 and the dream machine will be ready – for the Mulgari perfection treatment!

Their team of craftsmen are dedicated to bringing out the best in the beast for a discreet yet aggressive persona in a blend of individual subtlety.

This latest presentation is a classic example of what Mulgari Automotive gets up to. It points the way to the company’s exciting next evolution with the development of a hi-tech new home, not far from the existing base outside London but just five minutes from McLaren Ascot.

There, says Mulgari’s Ben Sunners, the company will become established on a platform combining all its facets of exterior finishing, performance enhancement and a new lifestyle division, all devoted to enhancing the customer experience.

So, what is so special about this black 2015 BMW F80 M3 saloon project for a customer that has been bringing out smiles all round?

Well, for a start it was “fully specced” with every goodie the factory could offer on the flagship of would you believe more than 140 models in the 3-Series range!

The stock offering, with the 3-litre turbocharged six cylinder engine good for 0-100km/h or 0-62mph in 4.3 seconds with 6-speed manual transmission simply was not enough, however good it looked or sounded.

So the customer had loaded it, specifying the optional 7-speed DCT (double-clutch transmission) gearbox and stopping power from carbon ceramic brakes filling the 19-inch 437M alloys.

Looks were enhanced by Blackline front grilles and side markers plus LED headlights, while other features included the head-up instrument display, DAB radio and surround-view camera.

That was still not enough – but Mulgari had the answers!

What's Changed?

So to press the right buttons the first move was a full Akrapovič Evolution exhaust system. From turbo downpipes back and, in a UK (if not global) first, this glorious titanium artwork including secondary catalyst bypass pipes was tipped with titanium tailpipe tips.

While most of the exhaust gas plumbing remains a visual delight only for a technician working under it on a ramp, the larger bore pipes with reduced back pressure provide legitimate performance increases. In fact, torque see's an increase of up to 17.4 Nm and power jumps by 7.3 hp.

Performance Figures:

Before Mod
After Mod
Engine Power Bhp
Engine Torque Ft-Lb

This Akrapovič system also saves a substantial 3kg in weight, which benefits overall performance.

And the sound? It’s a symphony high on percussion that brings smiles all round.

But there was more to come, notably full 3DDesign clear-coat carbon aero styling from front splitter back to the front wheel arches, side skirts, and full arch rear diffuser accommodating those titanium tailpipe tips. These combined to create the effect of a full skirt.

Completing these aerodynamics-enhancing embellishments are a matching trunk spoiler and mirror shells.

The resulting package is a mean machine – just love the pictures!

Write-up provided by Glynn Williams, MBE

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