Engineering Perfection

Driving spirit comes in all shapes and sizes. It isn’t all about speed, or looks. The truth of the matter is how it makes you feel. From supercars to hot hatches, our passion is building, perfecting and protecting that feeling.

Excellence is not a job for our team, it’s a habit. A habit that attracts the eye of the detailed. Work that demands excellence.

We provide highly specialised services designed to take the experience of driving to the next level. Perfection runs through everything we do, and the subtle art of paint refinishing and modification is no exception.

From the touch of the steering wheel and the feeling of the drive, to the sights and sounds around you, experience a deeper connection.

Our team love working with beautiful machines and share your passion for driving. With over 20 years experience in performance tuning, customisations and modification, we provide a high quality service for performance cars. So whether you’re looking for a remapping, a high performance exhaust system or bespoke modification, choose a team you can trust.

– General Vehicle Maintenance 
– Performance Enhancements 
– Custom Modification

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When it comes to bodywork, perfection is our absolute specialism. Our in-house team bring precision and perfection to any project, from personalisation to body restoration. We exact match paint from over 1 million shades and take the time to perfectly match any colour and finish. 

– Repainting
– Restoration
– Personalisation

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When the devil is in the detail, only a handcrafted finish will do. Perfection takes time and we never rush when it comes to the final flourish. We finish all our detailing work by hand, giving you a personal touch that gives your car the protection it deserves.

– Full Paint Restoration
– Protective Coatings
– Decontaminations

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Keep your most prized cars protected in our exclusive underground storage facility. Air filtered, in a perfectly controlled atmosphere, your car is in safe hands. Fully insured and cared for, get total peace of mind that your car stays in perfect condition. 

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