Perfection to the last detail

When we couldn’t find a Berkshire body shop that could meet our standards of perfection, we decided we had to do it ourselves. Your performance car deserves the very best attention, so we never cut corners. Our in-house team have an eye for detail that you can’t find anywhere else. We take the time to mix the perfect colour of paint, taking into account temperature and atmospheric pressure to make ensure a flawless finish. From choosing the exact colour of paint, to that iconic Mulgari hand finished styling, our in-house bodyshop team bring a perfect look to a perfect car.

The Mulgari body shop team specialise in chrome blackouts, for when performance demands a powerful presence. Working in partnership with AkzoNobel we have developed techniques to allow paint to adhere to the surfaces meaning a proper OE finish, even on chrome. No wrap, no peeling paint. We also pride ourselves on providing OE styling touches that enhance a car’s look without losing its original look. But the proof is in the result. Check out our work below.

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