Our service includes:

  • Paint Protection Film – PPF
  • Front End PPF Coverage
  • Whole Car PPF Coverage
  • Full Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings
  • Full paint restoration
  • Decontaminations
  • Deep cleans
  • Peels
  • New car protection detailing
  • Interior leather protection
  • Carpet sealing
  • Wheel protection
  • Exterior glass protection
  • Monthly maintenance

High Precision Detailing

Our car detailing services go further than deep cleaning. Whether you want paint imperfections corrected or every inch of your new car protected from the get go, we’ll make sure your car looks, and stays looking, its absolute best.

Only the very best car detailing is good enough for Mulgari. Our unrivalled team of experts and our commitment to latest tech means your car will shine from every angle.


Our Gtechniq accredited technicians apply Crystal Serum coatings in our state of the art, climate-controlled studio, ensuring the very best adhesion and finish.

This, combined with a 9-year warranty means you can rest assured your ceramic coating will continue to shine well into the future. 

Tailored To Your Needs

For cars that demand the ultimate protection, we offer a customised level of detail exclusive to your car’s needs. We offer one-to-one consultations at our Bracknell shop in Berkshire where our experts can recommend restoration and protection techniques tailored to your individual circumstances.

From enhancement details to deep decontaminations or cleans and peels, your car will roll out of our studio looking better than ever. With total protection from the latest polishes and coatings, your car won’t just look incredible, it will stay looking incredible.

Brands We Specialise In

  • Performance Audi
  • Performance BMW
  • Performance MINI
  • Aston Martin
  • Bentley
  • Ferrari
  • Lamborghini
  • Mercedes AMG
  • McLaren
  • Porsche
  • Range Rover
  • Rolls Royce

Examples Of Our Work

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