Evoms McLaren MP4-12C ECU Performance ICM


After extensive research and development Evolution Motorsport have finally released a ECU tuning option for the McLaren MP4-12C. The new Evomsit intelligent control module (ICM) is a seamless integration to the McLaren control systems through the independent wiring harness, providing a plug and play solution for the McLaren ECU, that until now has been notoriously difficult to tune. The 4 channel, dual processor unit has been optimised to control boost pressure as well as adjusted fuelling.

Original: 616 hp

Original Torque: 526 lb/ft

Evomsit ICM Stage 1: 659 hp

Evomsit ICM Stage 1 Torque: 552 lb/ft

Evomsit ICM Stage 2 (inc 200 cell cats + exhaust system): 701 hp

Evomsit ICM Stage 2 (inc 200 cell cats + exhaust system) Torque: 573 lb/ft

The ICM has also been re-tuned to accommodate McLaren’s recent ECU update to 616 hp

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