Mulgari Ferrari 458 Italia ECU Upgrade

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Mulgari Cars offers the very best in Bespoke ECU tuning upgrades.

All our files are custom written and tailored to each vehicle and its upgrades. Our files are developed in house using state of the art dyno facilities and offers a fully insured service giving you peace of mind and is backed up with ISO9001 certification.

Figures based on physical recorded data

Original: 560 Bhp

Original Torque: 398 Ft-Lb

Mulgari Ecu Tune: 585 Bhp

Mulgari Ecu Tune Torque: 415 Ft-Lb

Our main goal when tuning and writing ECU files, is the manner in which the power and torque is delivered. A lot of time is spent on power delivery ensuring a smooth linear power curve; we believe this is the only way to tune a luxury performance vehicle.

If you have any questions regarding the ECU tuning we can offer then please email us at

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