Mulgari+ BMW M240i / M140i Performance Air Filter

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To perform at its best your BMW B58 engine needs to breathe right, induction can be the maker or breaker of performance. A simple replacement performance air filter can improve the efficiency of your engine, allowing more torque and brake horsepower.

Our Mulgari+ performance panel filter is a simple swap for the OEM part. The pleated filter design increases the overall intake area allowing for a larger volume of free flowing air to be ingested into your Mini’s engine giving improved performance. Some of the other benefits:

  • Wider filtering area and higher airflow passage. This means better mileage and fuel efficiency
  • 98% air filtration, cleaner, purer air for your Mini’s engine.
  • Increase the power and performance of your engine
  • Better throttle response

For more information or fitting requirements then please feel free to contact us or 01189 321670

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