Mulgari+ F56 JCW Performance Pack – Stage 2

£1,625.00 inc VAT


Performance Gains: 60 – 70 bhp 

Get heart-pumping performance with our bespoke Mulgari+ performance packs.

After years of development, we have created a performance pack that gives you a taste of the ICON02 driving experience. Developed as part of the ICON02 program our ECU calibration delivers smooth, linear and usable power. We take a manufacturer philosophy and multiply it to give you that pure driving experience.

Stage II offers a significant increase in torque delivery, the addition of our intercooler removes the mid-range power dip and gives a smooth linear power curve up to the redline.

Mulgari+ Stage II is supplied with the following components

  • ECU calibration
  • Uprated engine mount
  • Performance air filter
  • Large core intercooler
  • Aluminum Mulgari+ stage II badge.

Hardware and software are required as part of Stage II, through extensive testing and development these parts have been tested and are required to ensure reliable performance.

PLEASE NOTE: Compatible for both LCI and pre LCI

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