Akrapovic BMW B58 M140i / M240i / 340i / 440i Turbo Downpipe

£1,552.00 inc VAT

Performance Gains: +17 bhp +17.2NM

The Akrapovic turbo downpipes give the BMW B58 M140I & M240I  a wider bore piping which decreases backpressure, allowing your turbo to spool faster and increasing overall performance. This is the quickest way to increase horsepower on a turbo charged vehicle.


Akrapovic does not use crush bending or other techniques that could change turbo downpipe diameter or impede flow, all of the required components are cast to enable smooth flow and optimum performance. This reduces back pressure and ensures your downpipes give you the best BHP increase possible.


The wider bore Akrapovic Turbo Downpipe and high flow cat material produce a deeper growling sound than stock pipe. The larger diameter also increases overall sound without creating unwanted cabin noise. This gives you a great sound with the horsepower to match. The Akrapovic turbo can be fitted to a stock exhaust system, providing the additional performance as well as an increased engine note from the standard exhaust note.

PLEASE NOTE: On a pre OPF car these can be fitted without the need to remap the ECU.

For more information or fitting requirements then please feel free to contact us info@mulgari.com or 01189 321670.


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