Akrapovic Ferrari 458 Link Pipes 200 Cell cats

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Upgrade To A Ferrari 458 Link Pipe Set from Akrapovic

The Ferrari 458 link pipe set from Akrapovic provides lower
back pressure, better flow of gasses and higher performance. These pipes come with
built in 200 cpsi catalytic converters that provide a smoother flow of engine
gasses while lowering weight and boosting power. The pipes also increase the
volume and quality of the Ferrari?s engine note. Overall this means a faster
and more powerful car that is also more lightweight and provides a much better

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Why Choose An Akrapovic Ferrari 458 Link Pipe Set

  • 10.5 BHP Increase
  • 26 NM Torque Increase
  • 14.2 KG Weight Decrease

Akrapovic Ferrari 458 Link Pipe Set Power Enhancements

Adding the Ferrari 458 link pipes is a great way to enhance
the power of the car. The link pipes add an extra 10.5 BHP while also
increasing torque by 26 NM. Akrapovic have achieved these amazing power
enhancements by incorporating a 200 CPSI high flow catalyst right into their
pipe. Even the shape of the cat is designed to increase flow and decrease
backpressure for the best engine performance possible.

Akrapovic Ferrari 458 Link Pipe Set Soundtrack

Along with a power boost, the Akrapovic 458 link pipes increase
exhaust volume by 2 dB while lowering the exhaust note and making the car sound
more aggressive. When fitted with these new link pipes, the Ferrari?s exhaust
actually makes the 458 sound like Ferrari?s 458 challenge car. There is no
question the improved sound will let everyone know you are running the best.

Akrapovic Ferrari 458 Link Pipe Set Weight Reduction

Replacing your Ferrari 458?s stock link pipes with a set
from Akrapovic reduces the overall weight of the car by a stunning 14.2 KG. Akrapovic
has achieved this feat of engineering using compact light cats built into their
link pipes and their lightweight proprietary titanium alloy.

Akrapovic Ferrari 458 Link Pipe Set Durability

Akrapovic use titanium in their link pipes because it can
withstand temperatures higher than steel, it never rusts and it is incredibly
tough. That makes it perfect for use as a link pipe. There are simply no better
materials available than Akrapovics titanium alloy.

Akrapovic Ferrari Link Pipe with 200 cell cat

Expert Akrapovic Performance Exhaust Fitting

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provide the highest quality service to ensure that when we hand you back your
keys, your car is perfect.

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