Akrapovic Ferrari 488 GTB Exhaust System

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Upgrade To A Ferrari 488 GTB 2016 Akrapovic Slip On Exhaust

Adding an Akrapovic exhaust to a Ferrari makes the car truly special, even among other Ferrari?s. The added power and weight decrease make the car feel amazing. Taking the wheel is like sitting in the cockpit of a fighter jet. You can feel every inch of the car straining to go faster, corner harder and make your smile bigger. The new exhaust also lowers back pressure and improves the cars exhaust note making the driving experience absolutely fantastic.

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Why Choose An Akrapovic Ferrari 488 GTB 2016 Slip On System

Power Figures At A Glance

  • 7.8 BHP Increase
  • 6.3 NM Torque Increase
  • 3.8 KG Weight Decrease

Akrapovic Ferrari 488 Power Enhancements

Adding the Akrapovic Slip On Exhaust to the new 488 is like strapping a rocket to a jet engine. The exhaust takes the Ferrari?s already immense power and makes it even better. The car has 7.8 more BHP across the rev range and 6.3 more NM of torque. This means the Ferrari can accelerate even harder and responds more quickly when you put your foot down.

Akrapovic Ferrari 488 Soundtrack

A Ferrari outfitted with Akrapovic’s system has one of the best exhaust notes in petrol head history. The car sounds like it runs on adrenalin and live lions. There is truly no substitute for the sound made by this finely tuned car when it is paired with the best sports exhaust available. Many people can claim that they feel their exhaust in their chest, an Akrapovic Ferrari driver knows they can feel their exhaust in your soul.

Akrapovic Ferrari 488 Exhaust Weight Reduction

Adding the Akrapovic exhaust system to the Ferrari 488 decreases the cars overall weight by 3.8 KG. This means the car can accelerate harder, carry more speed into turns and brake later. The car also feels more responsive and powerful.

Akrapovic Ferrari 488 Exhaust Durability

The Akrapovic Exhaust is one of the most durable exhausts available today. This is because of Akrapovic’s proprietary titanium design. An Akrapovic exhaust is more heat resistant, rust proof and tougher than any stock exhaust.

Expert Akrapovic Performance Exhaust Fitting

Mulgari is 1 of 10 approved Akrapovic suppliers in the UK.
All of our highly trained technicians are experts in the Akrapovic range. We
provide the highest quality service to ensure that when we hand you back your
keys, your car is perfect.

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