Akrapovic Porsche Carrera S/4/4S (991) Slip-On System

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Upgrade To An Akrapovic Porsche Carrera S/4/4S (991) Slip-On Exhaust System

The Akrapovic Porsche 991 Slip-On Exhaust System has been carefully and specifically designed to work with the 991?s minimal space and short exhaust runs, increasing performance with an extra +18BHP and +35.0 NM of torque. Incorporating a dual note active valve system, the Akrapovic 991 Slip-On Exhaust System produces almighty, rattling acoustics when the valves are open that sound at home on the racetrack, making you the envy of fellow Porsche drivers on the road.

Power Figures At A Glance

  • +18 BHP Increase
  • +35.0 NM Torque Increase
  • -8.8 KG Weight Decrease
  • 3 BHP/T Power to Weight Ratio Increase

Why Choose an Akrapovic Porsche Carrera S/4/4S (991) Slip-On System?

Akrapovic Porsche Carrera S/4/4S (991) Exhaust Power Enhancements

With an increase in power of 18BHP and an increase in torque of 35.0 NM, the lightweight Akrapovic 991 Slip-On System improves throttle response. Power to weight ratio is also subsequently increased from 260BHP/T to 263BHP/T, enhancing performance from the moment you put your foot down.

Akrapovic Porsche Carrera S/4/4S (991) Exhaust Soundtrack

With the optional Akrapovic sound kit, valves can be opened or closed depending on your preference. When closed, the sound produced is a much deeper and more guttural than the audio of the stock exhaust. However, when the valves are open, the sound produced is similar to that of a true racer ? loud, brash and unforgiving.

Akrapovic Porsche Carrera S/4/4S (991) Exhaust Weight Reduction

Thanks to its titanium alloy body, the 991 Slip-On System provides an overall weight saving of -8.8 KG and an increased power to weight ratio, improving handling and responsiveness on the road, even around the tightest of corners.

Akrapovic Porsche Carrera S/4/4S (991) Exhaust Durability

Akrapovic?s 911 Slip-On System is constructed from specialised titanium that?s resistant to both heat and rust, making it extremely long-lasting and durable for years into the future.

Expert Akrapovic Performance Exhaust Fitting

As an approved, specified Akrapovic supplier, Mulgari will supply and fit your exhaust to the highest standards, going above and beyond to provide you with a result you?re thrilled with.

For more information on our selection of Porsche 911 991 Performance Exhaust Systems please follow the link.

Akrapovic Porsche Carrera S/4/45 (991) Slip-On Exhaust Performance Graph

porsche carrera s/4/4s slip on exhaust power chart

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